Bali and the secret to pert breasts

Well I am on my last day in Bali and I have really enjoyed my time here. I would be a womble if I didn't because it really is beautiful, especially when you escape the madness that is downtown Ubud and get out into the countryside. It is so lush and green and just what you imagine Bali to be.   I did yoga and meditation and drank mojitos with a lovely Australian girl I met called Phoebe. I also did a bike trip through rice fields and cursed at Bali drivers, who are ABSOLUTELY…

Biblical Bali

The rain I mean. It's been lashing here for the last two hours. Thunder and lightening - the works. Other than that it's lovely. Had a 4 hour massage and facial today - they even wash and dry your hair afterwards! Of course am a sweaty heap again but had nice dinner and off to bed soon.  Off to Ubud tomorrow which is the cultural capital of Bali so will be more real.