Top five reflections on a half-marathon

I haven't run a step since the half-marathon, between stiffness, travelling and general recovery. I am hoping to get out for a run maybe tomorrow or the weekend and get back into doing normal distances again. ¬†Reflecting on our experience is the key to growth they say, so I wanted to get down on paper (sort of) what I have learnt from the whole experience of training for and running a half-marathon. ¬†As John Cusack/Nick Hornby would say here are my top five reflections: 1. Strengthen your core! I think this is my top tip…


Yesterday two years ago I completed the Inca Trail and arrived at Machu Picchu after a 45k trek. Sunday I am taking part in my first half-marathon, 13.1 miles, in Dublin, my home city. Will find out shortly which was the bigger challenge.